Radar Sensor (Optex OA203)

Max.mounting height: 3m
Motion detection
Supply voltage:12V~24VAC/DC+30%/-10%
Hold time:0.5s


Technical specifications:

Technology:  Infrared Reflection

Tranmitter frequency:24.175GHz

Transmitter radiated power: <5mW/cm²

Max. mounting height: 3m

Base angles: -2º~10º adjusted screw +/-4º adjustable by 1º

Detection mode:motion

Minimum speed: 5 cm/s(measured in the sensor axis)

Supply voltage:12V~100V AC/DC

Manis frequency:50~60Hz

Power consumption:<4.0VA Maximum

Output relay: from A Relay 50V 0.1A Maximum (Resistance Load)

Max. contact voltage:42V AC~60V DC

Max. contact current: 1A(resistive)

Max. switching power:30W(DC)/60VA(AC)

Hold time:0.5s

Response time : <0.3s

Temperature range: -20°c~+55°c

Degree of protection: IP54

Norm conformity: R&TTE 1999/EC; EMC 89/336/EEC


Color of housing: black smoked, aluminium finish

Dimensions: 100mm(W) x 50mm(H) x 40mm(D)

Weight: 0.215kg

Length of cable: 3m


Optex OA203

Radar Sensor (Optex OA203)

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