Fire Resistant Shutter Motor 220V

Roller Door Motor For Choosing:300kg/500k

With or without fusible link

with or without smoke detector

with or without temperature detector

with or without remote control



1) Easy to install and maintain.

2) Either Left or Right side Installations are available.

3) Roller Door Motor For Choosing: 300kg/500k suitable for Different Weight of Rolling Doors.

4) The motor can be Operated by Electricity and Manual.

5) Low energy consumption With low noise.

6) Fusible link install is available.

7) The remote control can install for long-distance operation.

8) Brake structure: special device mechanical brakes, power cut off in an instant the brakes.

9) Thermal efficiency protection device, protect the rolling door from damage and motor burned.

220V Series

300Kg, 500Kg


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Fire Resistant Shutter Motor 220V

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