ATEX Explosion Proof Motor Series

Explosion proof motor specially designed for shutter doors, the motor is 3 phases with controlled descent dependent on the size of the door.
Suitable install ATEX ZONE.

High performance explosion proof motors with excellent aesthetics. More query for ATEX shutter motor for European brand with certificate are available.

ATEX ZONE (Explosion proof zone)
To be safe

ATEX certified

IIA / IIB / IIC T1 / T2 / T3 up to T6


Ambient temperature -20 to 40-degree celsius. Atmospheric pressure 0.086--0.106Mpa.

Lift Load



Low-voltage three-phase motors that comply with all national and international standards and requirements.

These motors are designed to eliminate the risk of explosion and equipped with all the protections that prevent explosion: explosion proof external structure; increased security; anti spark protection.

The special ATEX certified explosion proof motor is produced specifically for installation in hazardous zones and areas.

Whole set with shutter available

Installing with fireproof shutter or standard shutter for ATEX ZONE are available

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